Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homeschool's Holiday Packing List

We are trying to travel light this holiday, as if there is no lighter oxymoron than that. But besides the necessities, we have decided that a few books, their new art kits and their handy-dandy journals will suffice as far as homeschooling is concern. What do you think of our kits? Little Monster Heaven? Well, we hope the handy-dandy journals will keep the colours of the walls.

So this is what our vacationing homeschool will look like:
1. An Art Kit each.
2. A handy-dandy journal each.
3. Three books each.
4. Whatever that can fit into their tiny backpacks. That's an hour's worth of packing, prioritising, unpacking and repacking.
5. Some toys for the baby who does not sleep during the day nor the night.
6. Swimming suits.
7. A float each.
8. A pair of sandals each.

Pretty light for the likes of us. Hopefully this will be enough for the homeschooling besides all those trips around the island. More planning to do.

1 comment:

  1. Nice one! I think you've got homeschooling covered! I'd love to see their works later! Keep us posted!