Monday, January 4, 2010

IXL Maths Programme for Preschoolers to Elementary School

The kids have been using IXL for the past couple of days, just to play math games. I did not subscribe to the site as I felt they are still too little to commit to that type of fee (USD10 for first child, USD2 per additional child).

Personally I think it's alot, but if you have many children between the 3-12 year old age group, it's worth it. Let's say 5 kids - that would be USD10 + USD2 + USD2 + USD2 + USD2)= USD18. That's less than USD4 per month!

The site is interactive and very pretty, meaning it's well designed to engage with that multimedia baby. Both my homeschoolers love these types of programmes that give instant results. (By the way, a small drawback would be there are no worksheets or printables, so every single exercise or game is online). But there are report cards to chart their progress.

Maybe when Yusuff is a little older I will subscribe to IXL. At the moment we are just using the limited free exercises (they ration the number of exercises you can do per day, if you're a non-paying visitor. A drawback here is that all grades are open up for students (obviously, because it's not customised). So when this happens, Tasneem clicks all over the place. One day she got so stressed out because she couldn't figure out an answer for a third grade question. I think if I subscribe they would "limit" her to work on stuff by her level. I think.

Well, free IXL for now, subscribing later inshaallah.

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