Friday, January 1, 2010

A Yoghurt Morning

Yoghurt is the easiest meal for me to prepare because I only need to tear of the cover and hope for the best. Usually the best does happen, alhamdulillah. The monsters love their yoghurt and Yoghurt Mornings are also We-Are-in-a-Rush-Mornings-so-Hurry-and-Eat-Your-Breakfast-Now. Everything works out. Yoghurt is healthy and delicious and requires minimal chewing. Perfect for toddlers.

In fact, at the risk of boring you with this yoghurt post, yoghurt was the only thing the monsters ate during their Picky Eater phases and even when they were unwell. Hooray for YOGHURT! Well, if you love yoghurt too, you may want to stick around this blog a little longer as you might like some of our other homeschooling ideas.

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