Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Self-Fashion Designing for Teenage Girls

I just had this funky idea for unschooling teenage girls. Inshaallah if I keep this up until 2020, I'll share this idea with Tasneem, and the two of us could do some online shopping and designing.

This store, eShakti, allows shoppers to customise their own clothes. Well, you pick out a garment that catches your fancy and you have the choice of ordering a standard size one (XS to 3XL) or customise it according to your own dimensions. Cool or what? You have to fill in all your measurements, by the way.

Wait, there's more though. You can literally choose to change the neckline, length of tunic and sleeves. Let's say a dress catches your eye, but the length is only to your knees and you want it to sweep the floor. Just, select the option! Or a tunic's high neckline looks uncomfortable - you can change it to a v-neck. Did I mention this site was cool? If all this does not make sense, just click on over.

This way you and your teenage daughter can have shopping fun, while testing out new fashion styles. A young fashion designer may be sitting right next to you.

For Muslim parents... aahhh... I haven't lost my marbles. This is a perfect way to help your girls self-design modest clothes when on the move. Modest, fashionable, good material quality and affordable items are sorely lacking in many markets. This is one way to create your own wadroabe and have fun at the same time. And of course you can customise items for indoor fun too.

Of course, this "fun" includes spending money - as shopping usually does. So, save this for a time that you need to buy new clothes and have a budget for it and throw in an unschooling module on "budgeting for apparel," in addition to unschooling "self-design fashion." Pretty cool, me thinks. Remind me in ten years time.

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